Ashtanga Yoga
with Shri.

Shri is a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method As taught by the great
pre-eminent Yoga exponents Shri k pattabhi jois and Saraswati jois and Sharath jois with a experience of 10yrs with students spread across the globe.

Note : Shri is not currently in mysore. Please don’t call for mysore shala practice.

Popular Yoga Classes

The Classess offers a strong foundation in Ashtanga Yoga, concentrating on the correct alignment of the postures of the Primary Series.

Inclusive & Empowering

A continues perfect practice of Ashtanga immensely benefits physical, mental and psychological bringing a balance required for once healthy life.

Lasting Impact

For Fitness enthusiasts this is best form of yoga practice that builds the strong body,  the best body shape, adding strength and vigor to a person.

Ongoing Improvement

Those involved in sports in schools and college, at State and national levels can totally relly on this practice for achieving ultimate fitness and confidence.

About Shri

Shri is a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style as taught by Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois and Saraswati Jois with experience of 10 years. This form of yoga is the widely practiced and loved by yoga practitioners all over the world.

Shri also is a dietician that’s based on yogic principles and his own long experience with various food which is specific to particular body types.

Shri also involves in mind counseling where
he uses his yogic knowledge and life experiences to help you solve different psychological problems related to stress, mental conflicts, confusions, relationships and any other such issues.

My Yoga Retreat

Ashtanga Mysore style is a practice of continuous flow of asanas starting from surya namaskara to primary series extending to 7th series .

Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga Yoga method is built around the ‘Mysore Style’ class, so named because yoga was taught this way by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, India, and continues to be taught this way in traditional Ashtanga Yoga schools around the world

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Ashtanga Yoga’ means ‘eight limbed yoga.’ It is an ancient system that can lead to a deep connection with our body mind and spirit .